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About Us

At Brosure we are committed to service excellence and with our broad range of products, we are convinced we will be able to meet your specific insurance needs and expectations.

Why phone around for quotes all day when someone else, specifically us, can do it for you. We will gather and compile the quotes and send them through to you so that you can pick the best one.

The quotes that we get will also most likely be cheaper than the ones you will get. This is because we get special broker discount rates from all the top insurers in South Africa.

Have you ever thought what would happen if your car got stolen, hijacked, damaged, or your house burgled or flooded during a storm? We all hope and some of us believe that it won't happen to us. The reality is, as most of us have learnt to say, “never say never” as fate intervenes usually when we least expect it and cannot afford the loss.

With Murphy and his law being an ever present danger and reality, our cover includes a vast array of items for all instances. These include:

  • Vehicle Insurance    
  • Business Insurance    
  • Household Contents Insurance    
  • All Risks for Personal Effects    
  • Trailer / Caravan Insurance    
  • Motorcycle Insurance    
  • Building Insurance    
  • Water Craft Insurance    
  • Personal Liability    
  • Short Term Insurance    
  • Personal Computers