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Vehicle Insurance

Car insurance is the most important type of insurance for the motorist to have. The reasons are plentiful : Vehicles cost a fortune, whether you have bought a brand new top-of-the range model or an unpretentious runabout. A vehicle is one of the biggest purchases undertaken by an individual and you will most definitely need cover against its loss or damage. South Africa also has an unusually high number of car thefts, hijackings and vehicle accidents. Vehicle ownership is therefore associated with a high risk factor and cover is an absolute necessity.

In order to obtain vehicle finance from a bank, insurance is an absolute essential. Another reason is the third party aspect of the accident risk. If you were to drive into the back of another car, for instance, and it was clearly due to your negligence, you would have to pay out of your own pocket for the damage if you did not have car insurance. The third party insurance aspect of car insurance covers you against this too, and also in the event of injuries to people in such accidents.

Probably the most useful advice anyone can give you with regards to purchasing car insurance is to shop around until you find the best deal. Do not let your vehicle financier bully you into a policy of their choice as the choice is yours and yours entirely. There are fantastic car insurance deals to be had but one just needs the time to investigate and find them.